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Product details

Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: CHINA-XTAL
  • Model Number: Ceramic Resonator ZTB456/503/500F
  • package: through hole

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: 500pcs per bag, 5000pcs in smaller box and 50000pcs in a carton, 12kg gross weight,
Delivery Detail: 30 days


  • Frequency Range: 19.00KHz to 918.50KHz

  • ZTB 456F Series for FM Multiplexers
    Technical Characteristics:

  • Part Number Frequency Accuracy Applicable IC

  • ZTB456F11 9.000KHz38Hz LA3430(SANYO)

  • ZTB456F14 9.000KHz38Hz TA7413AP(TOSHINA)

  • ZTB456F15 456KHz2KHz LA1832(SANYO)

  • ZTB456F16 9.000KHz38Hz TA8122AN(TOSHINA)

  • ZTB456F18 9.000KHz38Hz TA8132AP(TOSHINA)

  • ZTB456F33 456KHz2KHz LA2232(SANYO)

  • ZTB456F101 918.50KHz0.3% TA7291(MATSUSHITA)

  • ZTB 503/500F Series for TV Horizontal Synthesizer Circuits
    Technical Characteristics:

  • Part Number Frequency Accuracy Applicable IC

  • ZTB503F2 503.52KHz upC1410(NEC)

  • ZTB503F5 504.52KHz LA7620(SANYO)

  • ZTB503F6 5192KHz M51307(MITSUBISH)
    ZTB503F10 15.734KHz0.5% TA7777(TOSHINA)

  • ZTB503F12 503.52KHz TDA3856(THOMSON)

  • ZTB503F15 505.12KHz LA7650(SANYO)

  • ZTB503F30 503.51.5KHz TA7654AN(TOSHINA)

  • ZTB503F38 15.734KHz62KHz AN5302(MATSUSHITA)

  • ZTB500F2 500.02KHz upC1401(NEC)

  • ZTB500F9 500.02KHz M51308SP(MITSUBISH)

  • ZTB50013 500.02KHz M51367SP(MITSUBISH)

  • ZTB50028 15.68KHz0.4% LA7680(SANYO)

  • ZTB50040 15.68KHz0.4% LA8691N(TOSHINA)

  • ZTB50055 15.68KHz0.4% LA7685(SANYO)


Remote Control, small appliances, audio, wireless phones, digital cameras, CD-ROM drive




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